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Do not be bogged down by companies who employ inexperienced translators. Choose Lenkrad. Go global with a trustworthy translation partner.

Only the best and highly experienced translators get to work on your project. Many agencies provide proofreading service only as an option. But not with us!! All our translations are proofread and quality checked before we deliver.

Investing in translation and copywriting services requires diligence. Whether you are expanding into foreign territory or just rolling out a new product locally, care must be given to make the most of your ROI. Understanding the necessary steps to achieve your end goal makes a big difference in reaping the biggest reward for your investment.

A growing number of firms are outsourcing copywriting needs to save money. Lenkrad Translations offers pricing tiers and a wide range of services to meet your needs in today’s world for quality and commercial-grade translations

We follow up with our clientele to ensure 100% job satisfaction and have learned that clients usually have the same concerns which we address proactively. These issues boil down to a few elements:

  • When your source file reads poorly, do you really want to pay a translation company to take it into your target language?
  • Are you tired of poor quality translations which — insult to injury — cost an arm and a leg?
  • Last but not least, would you benefit by partnering with a firm which is punctual and affordable?

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Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.
— George Steiner

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To the chagrin of our competitors, higher prices do NOT necessarily reflect superior output. Compare our prices. If you find a lower-priced corporate alternative, contact us. We will price match. See for yourself why we’re gaining traction in the global marketplace for translation services.

Our tried and proven formulas for cost-efficient processes spell savings for both our new and our existing clients. Whereas our hallmark is cost-effectiveness, quality control is of the utmost importance to us.

Our price points cater to clients who want the option of either our corporate-grade translation with the source file having been screened through a 3-point process or our general-grade which is even more affordably priced with a 2-point process.

Quality is not an option but an inherent part of the services we offer!!

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We evaluate your requirement and submit a quote based on our transparent per word pricing.

Once you approve our Quote, we assign the project to a linguist, a native speaker of the target Language. Our translators are chosen carefully, with domain knowledge, who perfectly understand what you want.

The Translated Document is then evaluated by a Proofreader, who is also a native linguist. None of our translations reach you without a quality check!



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